Historical Dance Research


Our research is an ongoing project. As our knowledge grows, so will this page.

The following are links to pdf's. I know that not everything is linked, but it soon will be as soon as research we haven’t looked at in several years is edited for errors.

Please check back regularly for updates.

16th Century Italy

Dances of Maestro Fabritio Caroso

Il Ballarino (1581)           Nobiltà di Dame (1600):

Allegrezza d’Amore           Allegrezza d’Amore

Barriera                              Contentezza d’Amore

Bassa Toscana                    Spagnoletta Nuova

Contentezza d’Amore

Fiamma d’Amore               Caroso: A Short Biography

Gracca Amorosa

Gratia d’Amore                 Steps from Caroso

Maraviglia d’Amore

Spagnoletta Nuova

16th Century Italy

Dances of Maestro Cesare Negri: 

Le Gratie d'Amore (1602)

Alta Somaglia

Bizzarria d’Amore

La Caccia d’Amore

Lo Spagnoletto

So Ben Mi Chi Ha Buon Tempo

Il Torneo Amoroso


Negri: A Short Biography


Steps from Negri

16th Century France

Dances of Thoinot Arbeau 

Orcheosographie (1589)

La Volta & Galliards

Improvisational Pavan & Galliard

Branle de la Montarde

Branle du Pois

Arbeau and the French Wars of Religion

Dances of Restoration England

from early editions of John Playford’s

The Dancing Master 1651-1698: 

All in a Garden Green                 Kettledrum

Argeers                                        Mage On a Cree

Beggar Boy                                  Newcastle

Cuckolds All a Row                    The Night Peece

Dargason                                    Nonesuch

Grimstock                                   Parson's Farewell

Hearts Ease                                Rufty Tufty

If All the World Were Paper     Saint Martins

Jenny Pluck Pears